Modern Office on Wheels

Modern Office on Wheels

German tuning company Brabus transformed Mercedes-Benz Viano van into high tech office that doubles as luxurious entertainment lounge.

BRABUS iBusiness 3D comes equipped with Mac mini computer, Sony 3D TV, two Apple iPads, refrigerator, coffee maker, high quality sound system, PS3, and iPod touch that controls all on-board multimedia equipment.

Mercedes Viano


Multimedia Lounge on Wheels

Sony 3D TV

Mac mini

Mac mini

Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3

Apple iPads

Apple iPad

Sony 3D TV


Multimedia Lounge

BRABUS iBusiness 3D

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  1. ran

    oh my gosh……this is more than luxury

  2. Sharyn

    Wow! This is better fitted out than my office! I want a 3D TV, PlayStation & Nespresso machine. Actually, I’d settle for some comfy chairs & a desk that stands up by itself.

  3. Richard

    It’s Like a man cave *drools*

  4. Mon Sun C

    Totally, “Man Cave on Wheels”! Haha

  5. waleed

    future apple car!

  6. Scott

    Before spending all that money on a car like this, you might want to consider whether reading and doing work while sitting backward in a car is the perfect way to make yourself vomit.

  7. Tom

    I can’t even send a text message from a moving car without feeling sick :P

  8. Andreas

    WOW! that is awesome! :D

  9. Steffen

    Now thats how you do it :)

  10. Robert Gracie

    I would have that depends on what they charge for it but I would insist on having windows 8 Ultimate edition as soon as it came out but man that is one set of wheels for the business class I wanna have!!!!

  11. Joe

    I LOVE IT I want one like this

  12. bibin

    that’s sooo cool. :) i bet it cost more than an house

  13. Noel Bellen

    New Way of Working (literally) :o)

  14. annie

    Talk about FUTURISTIC!

    What’s next; flying cars?!

  15. Ronnel was so amazing :) super like!

  16. Brandon

    I love this, and I don’t think that you sit backwards because look at the slope of the top of the car – it bends pretty far down behind the seats, plus I think it’s illegal anywhere to not have a back window on a vehicle. It is, however done where there is a preactically a wall in between the driver and the back passengers. Anyways, PS3, 40″ 3D TV, coffee maker, iPads and more! What a sick pad!

  17. Stefano

    Maybe you forget about working, with all that gadgets..

  18. Axe

    Airforce 2

    or better ….
    Groundforce 1

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