Electric Camper Car

Electric Camper Car

San Francisco based designer Jay Nelson created electric camper out of plywood, fiberglass, and bicycle parts.

Powered by electric motor, the vehicle has a top speed if 20 mph and can drive 10 miles on a single charge. It is equipped with comfortable bed, kitchen, toilet, and integrated storage compartments. Controls are on the steering wheel and the driver sits cross legged while operating the car.

Camper Car

Jay Nelson Camper

Jay Nelson Golden Gate

Electric Camper

Jay Nelson Camper Car

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    Looks pretty hippy! It looks pretty cool and I like the idea of electric but it would be better if it could generate its own, for example with photovoltaic panels.

  2. TwinkleTinytot

    Looks like a modified Indian AutoRickshaw!

  3. kadal

    wow, even toilet attached…how about the smell made by the toilet?
    but thats impressive anyway

  4. Benjamin Christine

    Loving the surfboard on top also! great stuff! :)

  5. Rudy

    Must be nice to have the luxury of time, money and your own space to tinker about.
    It’s not like your making money with your time, just consuming. Nobody wants to buy that crap anyway. Also surprised San Francisco allows him to even operate these things on public roads because they are unsafe. You can’t even see properly around you. You must take the right of way most of the time and count on other road users to give it to you.
    Kudo’s though, for creating your childish visions.

  6. S.Dufresne

    Any BARBARELLA fans in the crowd ?

  7. cool stuff

    WANT!!!!SO CUTE…..

  8. Dustin

    How does he see were he’s turning? Driving this would be like having blinders on.

  9. Fillibert

    I’m more worried about the open flame stove in a plywood coffin

  10. Douglas

    If you’re going to take the time to cut, form and fit the plywood, wouldn’t fiberglass make more sense from a weather and longevity standpoint? I’m sure the toilet is quite the air freshener in such a small place.

    He spent all this time and money, finally finished it, rode around the block and probably said “this sucks”. WTF was I thinking. Should have bought a VW microbus!! Just saying.

  11. Jim

    Hey Rudy, who crapped in your Cheerios?

  12. Amy

    I think I want to live in this. for a few (summer) months, camping with electric hookup to charge explore the New Forest and showering at campsites?

  13. Shade

    @Jim, highly agree.

    I like this design, good for a first time try. Could use better weather protection, would like to hear more about design of toilet(Don’t know if it would be sufficient to keep place smelling good). Other than that it would be awesome to take it out and test it. Do like little campers like this

  14. Mo

    It looks cool and the bed looks comfortable, but I don’t see it as practical and it might smell…crappy…

  15. CriticalEye

    10 mile range… So he’s exploring 5 miles from his home? Looks cool, but a lot of impracticality here.

  16. ryan

    very cool… what is more striking then your work is how stupid peoples comments just amaze me. I was looking for housing ideas for homeless people like those in the Seattle area where I worked at one of the overnight mens shelters… 1/3 of the Vietnam vets are homeless and 1/8 of the others are teenagers… many of course are extreme substance abuse issues that is not the case for all or even most of them. Some kind of tiny starter homes for every American vet and the same for all of the streets we can build starter homes that are either attached to a triler and movable to areas that would take them… the army coming back from war can be turned into an army of starter home builders. people coming back from service sometimes continue to work better with stricter around them and being part of an army of peace would be a nice thing. Your ideas are ingenious you are where you are b/c you listen to stupid inbred jackasses good work dude..

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