Wooden Keyboard

Wooden Keyboard

French company Oree makes beautiful computer keyboards out of walnut and maple wood.

Handcrafted wireless keyboards are compatible with phones, tablets, and computers that have Bluetooth.

Wooden Keyboards

Oree Wooden Keyboard

Wood Keyboard

Oree Computer Keyboard

Wooden Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard Made of Wood

Wood Computer Keyboard

Oree Wooden Computer Keyboard

Oree Keyboard

Keyboard Made of Wood

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  1. Candace

    I really like the idea of this. I bet the smell of it is amazing and these photos are so very beautiful. such amazing woodworking. excellent craft. however, wood generates dust, right? This would be a nightmare to keep dust-free haha.

  2. Douglas

    @ Candace – finished wood does not generate dust.

    The technical execution is quite good. I would just put it on a shelf not wanting it to look like the typical keyboard after a lot of use. Very nice.

  3. kadal

    it become great if it has a backlight.
    but it already great i’d say

  4. bud

    why do they all look like mac keyboards-.-

  5. volker

    great idea, the wood ll give a natural patina to the wood on the keys.

  6. Sharyn

    Wow! They are just beautiful.

    @bud – when you order you can choose PC or Mac as well as UK/US etc

  7. Enrico Martinez

    Can I use it as SCRABBLE pieces?
    Or use SCRABBLE pieces to replace damaged/lost keyboard letters?

  8. MasterOche

    I love the smell of fresh roséwood!

  9. Alston H.C. Wang

    WANT one desperately!!!!

  10. Gert

    DO want! Where to order?

  11. Michael

    Very nice! If I had the money (125€) I would instantly order one.
    The sound and pressure point of it must be great. Like the GREAT difference between keyboards and pianos.

  12. Alice

    Incredible craftmanship – love it! :)

  13. Ru

    I bet writing on one of these would be a tactile joy, and they look so lovely too!

  14. lou k

    The “craftsmanship” here is in the design and/or the idea.

    The piece itself is made by a machine in its entirety including the little laser cut keys, the rounded edges and the smooth surface. Perhaps it was hand-stained. Not that it matters one way or the other.

    It is very nice. And it’s not plastic! So therefore it’s biodegradable and likely not off-gassing Triphenyl phosphate.

  15. lou k

    oops wrong about the machined thing. disregard. :) sorry.

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