Bluetooth Talking Glove

Bluetooth Talking Glove

Innovative winter gloves with built-in speaker, microphone, and buttons allow people to “talk to the hand“.

Designed by Italian company hi-Fun, modern “hi-Call” talking gloves are compatible with all phones that have Bluetooth.

They have operating range of 12 meters, talk time of 20 hours on one charge, and they can be dry cleaned.

Capacitive fabric allows the user to control their touchscreen phone without taking off the glove.

hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Glove

Bluetooth Glove

hi-Call Bluetooth Glove

Glove Handset

hi-Call Talking Glove

hi-Call Gloves

Talk to the Hand

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  1. kadal

    “hey dude talk to my hand, your mom calling…”

  2. Ken

    Why make it more difficult?

  3. Andra

    Except for the fact that it looks really stupid, I think it can prove rather useful. In my country, you have to fight your way through mountains of snow even in the city, which pretty much makes talking on the phone impossible.

  4. Max

    There must be an easier and more fashionable way of getting out and using your phone in cold/winter situations… They could at least have added a dail pad to the gloves, now you still need to take out and fumble around with your phone in the majority of situations.

  5. Supermarket Love

    THIS IS SOO DOPE!! Very clever!! TAKE MY MONEY!!

  6. Matt

    I’d rather not answer my phone…

  7. Gert

    Dumb and useless.

  8. steve

    Next thing it will be the Banana phone

  9. Dominic

    LOL, i thought this was a joke!

  10. Libeerian

    Great… every woman that walks past you thinks you’re giving her the sign to call you…

  11. aokiharu


    Hey..come on! This must be a joke..

  12. Betty

    I think this is very cool, possibly a brilliant idea.

  13. ok yea but

    doesnt this just complicate things?

  14. Cheryl

    Inspector gadget :)!!

  15. zohair

    it is not handfree any more

  16. Enrico Martinez

    Terminator 3 to AM/PM store clerk:
    “Talk to the hand!”

  17. minions

    My hand would probably cramp.

  18. Larna

    Safe for the scratch or dirt your phone perhaps? muahaha.

  19. Ray


    I rather use a standard bluetooth headset than those stupid gloves.

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