Singers Made from CDs

Singers Made from CDs

Creative advertising campaign that demonstrates the effects of music piracy features dead bodies of famous musicians created out of their CDs.

Unique portraits of music legends were made out of 6500 CDs by Italian artists Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco.

It took more than 200 hours of hard work to complete the project.

Music Legends Made of CDs

Jim Morrison

Music Artists Made from CDs

James Brown

Music Artists Made of CDs

Elvis Presley

Musicians Made from CDs

Jimi Hendrix

Musical Performers Made from CDs

Freddie Mercury

Music Icons Made of CDs

Michael Jackson

Musical Performers Made of CDs

Musicians Made of CDs

Performers Made from CDs

Music Legends Made from CDs

Bob Marley

Music Icons Made from CDs

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  1. Liam

    Amazing, creativity at it’s best!

  2. Niyari

    The MJ was executed really nicely

  3. Dominic


  4. Max

    Why no mention about the record labels and agents taking up to 97.5% of the earnings made per cd/song? Anyway the execution is done very nicely

  5. Betty


  6. Chad

    I looked at the images before reading the description and I don’t think I would have ever gotten the piracy message. But it’s an awesome homage to the music legends.

  7. Joe

    All those people are already dead. And were loaded. And most certainly were not killed by piracy. It would have had more impact if the artists they used were alive and struggling.

  8. Kita

    Amazing, this guy is so talented.

  9. Gert

    I agree with Joe. The message is lost considering every one of these artists died absolutely loaded with cash.

  10. Katie

    Every one of these artists died (except MJ) way before piracy was a huge, widespread problem.

  11. Eve

    Jimi Hendrix = ultra cool.

  12. Ru

    They’re all dead, why would they care if I paid for their music or not?

  13. Dax

    @ Max is anything ever good enough for you?

  14. goli

    They are great

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