Food Sculptures

Food Sculptures

Unique sculptures made out of food by talented Romanian artist Dan Cretu.

Edible creations look like animals, human faces, cameras, bicycles, motorcycles, and other familiar objects.

Vegetable Camera

Food Camera

Carrot Rabbit

Carrot Rabbit

Food Motorcycle

Food Art by Dan Cretu

Fruit Lamp

Edible Lamp

Ice Cream Light Bulb

Ice Cream Light

Fruit Camera

Fruit Art by Dan Cretu

Food Rowing

Food Art

Orange Shoe

Orange Shoes

Salami Cassette Tape

Sculptures by Dan Cretu

Sunflower Seeds Football

Art by Dan Cretu

Food Boombox

Edible Art by Dan Cretu

Popcorn Face

Dan Cretu

Orange Bicycle

Food Sculptures by Dan Cretu

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  1. charu

    love them all.. :)

  2. James

    These don’t even seem like they’re done by the same artist. Some sculptures don’t fit well with the series

  3. Gert

    I’m with James, it’s odd that many are ALL food and some are just food slapped on existing objects.

  4. Craig

    they are all from the same artist i checked his site

  5. Johnny

    Very cool pieces. I tried to do something on that line before but I realized that I lack the skill :)

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