Bicycle Tire Spikes

Bicycle Tire Spikes

Innovative bike spikes designed by Cesar van Rongen allow people to safely ride their bicycle during winter.

Simply attach rubber panels with spikes to the bicycle tire and enjoy better grip on snow and icy roads. Easy to remove and store when not in use.

Cars have winter tires and snow chains, now bicycles have Bike Spikes!

Bike Spikes by Cesar van Rongen

Bicycle Tyre Spikes

Bike Spikes

Cesar van Rongen

Bike Tyre Spikes

Winter Bicycle Tires

Bicycle Spikes

Winter Bike Tires

Winter Bicycle

Bike Tire Spikes

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  1. LOL

    but… who rides bike in the snow…..

    well i guess now you can LOL

  2. Joachim

    @LOL Here in the Netherlands, we’re a bike country. Millions of people cycle to work/school every day in the winter. So for us, it’s a useful invention!

  3. pavlina

    yes, same here in belgium.. crazy people :)

  4. Attesz

    I’m in Hungary ride bike winter with or without snow…

  5. Attesz

    If you ride bike at winter you’ll never cold or chill because you moving. My favorite when see peoples on the bus stop almost freezing until I sweat on the bike!

  6. Max

    Very impressed with this product design. It saves me and millions of other people painful falls with the bike, or even worse, a trip with the public transport. Good job.

  7. Kat

    Great!!! So people in winter with snow have other choice than getting rid off huge layer of snow covering their car to go somewhere :)

  8. tc

    Spiked tires exist, but I like this design b/c it allows you to simply convert existing wheels when needed, much easier than changing out the whole tire. (from Minnesota, where people bike in all kinds of snow)

  9. Gert

    Who rides in the snow? Everyone that lives where it snows in the winter and gas prices are high.

  10. kadal

    well, there’s no snow in my country, but i like the design.

  11. tanner

    why in one picture is the spikes on the front tire??? the propustion comes from the back not the front!

  12. Tine

    I wonder, since spike tires are illegal on cars in our country. Would this be illegal too?

  13. Fred

    tanner, you need to be able to turn too.

  14. Dj

    To shallow Profile, Real Spikes Tires have deep groves to transport snow out from under the wheel, those are lacking here?

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