Cardboard Bicycle

Cardboard Bicycle

Innovative bicycle designed by Izhar Gafni is made out of cardboard and recycled car tires.

Cardboard bikes are lightweight, durable, and affordable. Each bicycle costs only 9 dollars to produce.

Eco-friendly cardboard bicycle will be sold for as little as $20.

Cardboard Bike

Bicycle Made of Cardboard

Bike Made of Cardboard

Izhar Gafni

Izhar Gafni Cardboard Bicycle

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  1. LOL

    i didnt know cardboard is that durable

  2. Joe

    Better than the Bicymple.

  3. Ben

    Pretty sure $20 is uncommercial

  4. cole

    I think I have seen this on every blog i follow. when will they be available for sale? I’m a bike nerd and would very much like to try one out

  5. Dominic

    How ‘Green’ can one get!

  6. Vidal

    Great Izhar,very well done,congratulations.

  7. Mark

    Don’t light a match or get rained on! LOL

  8. Niyari

    “Once the shape has been formed and cut, the cardboard is treated with a secret concoction made of organic materials to give it its waterproof and fireproof qualities. In the final stage, it is coated with lacquer paint for appearance.”
    Lucky he thought of that then haha

  9. Dustin

    Brakes sold separately on the $20 version, right?

  10. CRIS

    Wau super ingenioso y practico… me gusta yo quelo una!

  11. Amy

    no good in the rain though.

  12. maseki

    this is greener than Going Green!

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