Scrooser Electric Scooter

Scrooser Electric Scooter

Eco-friendly scooter with fat tires allows people to efficiently travel and move through the city environment.

Scrooser is powered by an electric motor. One charge lasts for 25 days.

When you push off with your foot, the energy is amplified by the motor.

It is lightweight ( 28 kg / 60 lbs ), comfortable, silent, and efficient.

Advanced riders can stand up and ride Scrooser like a snowboard.

City Scooter

City Scooter

Modern Electric Scooter

Modern Scooter


Electric Scooter

Eco-friendly Scooter


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  1. Rose

    Wow, this is sooooo great. I really want to have one.

  2. Jeo

    It looks great and looks like a smooth ride, I would love to try one although I’m wondering how it deals with bumps and rough roading, it looks like it doesn’t have any suspension which may take a hurting for long distance riders. Anyways, I want to know the price! :D

  3. Gert

    This would have been great for my last job when I worked in the same city I lived in actually. Now I work from home so other than groceries I don’t have to leave the house. lol

  4. Joe

    Batpod crossed with a moped! This thing looks so fun!

  5. Michele

    It looks like the price is 3630.00 euro. I would love to have one!

  6. Swiper Fox

    Electric scooter?
    Where’s the motor and the battery? I can’t see it.

  7. Daniel

    Awesome scooter but it is priced about $4,000 too high

  8. Tonny

    Yess, 4000euro is mutch to high. You will find them on the internet for aprox $600-950.
    Thats a fair price.

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