Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Innovative bowl with two sections for milk and food will keep your breakfast cereal from turning into a soggy mess.

Scoop the cereal into your spoon and dip it into compartment with milk.

Your breakfast cereal will stay crispy and delicious until the last bite.

Designed to be held with one hand, this is a perfect breakfast cereal bowl.

Obol is available in different colors. Never eat soggy cereal again! [order]

Cereal Bowl

Obol Breakfast Cereal Bowl

Soup and Crackers Bowl

Breakfast Bowl


Milk and Cereal Bowl

Milk and Cereal Bowl

Fruit and Yogurt Bowl

Innovative Bowl

Chips and Salsa Bowl

Obol Cereal Bowl

Milk and Cookies Bowl

Oreo Bowl

Obol Cereal Bowls

Cereal Bowls

Breakfast Cereal Bowl

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  1. Cheryl

    I kinda like it.

  2. Shilov

    It’s interesting, especially for serving chips’n’salsa but what’s wrong with using two small bowls? Also don’t see too many people eating breakfast, especially milk and cereal standing up.

  3. pTc

    Maybe if you reduced the portion size, this product would never have needed to be invented.

  4. Jess

    What about lefties?

  5. Gert

    Now they make food dishes for people with OCD. :D lol

  6. Captain America

    This doesn’t really solve the problem,I don’t think anyone wants to scoop the cereal into the milk then into the spoon then eat it. It takes time and requires further steps which no morning person wants. Keeping the cereal and milk together is easier, just need to invent a cereal base which is resilient to milk…sometime soon.

  7. wha?

    I like soggy cereal!

    But I do think this is good at controlling portion size if they make the cereal spot small.

  8. j

    I would buy so many of these. Soggy cereal is disgusting. And these bowls are beautiful and kids will love them.

  9. Why do you care about my name?

    I would like to buy these. It’d be great for me ’cause,I eat cereal a lot. (Of course in the mornings.) And soggy cereal is disgusting.

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