iPhone Pen

iPhone Pen

Miniature pen designed to fit neatly inside the headphone jack of your iPhone.

Jackpen instantly transforms your phone into a ballpoint pen. When not in use, the pen stays hidden inside the iPhone. Available in different colors.

Innovative and useful iPhone accessory.


Jack Pen

Turn your Phone into a Pen

Mobile Pen

Turn your Phone into a Pen

Mobile Phone Pen

Miniature Pen

Phone Pen

Turn your iPhone into a Pen

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  1. Ben Groover

    This has got to be the stupidest iPhone accessory ever. I can imagine how upset someone will be when one of these pens leaks into their phone.

  2. First Fokus

    Why Would you need a pen If you have an iPhone there is a Noltes app

  3. PTC

    Because carrying a pen in your pocket is the epitome of inconvenience.

  4. sgh

    when u need headphone…then there is a problem…

  5. Joon

    I would rather carrying a pen in my pocket. It looks hideous.

  6. Yona

    If it would instantly convert the handwriting to digital text, it might become something,

  7. Dominic

    BUT why?

  8. gunneos

    how awkward to hold.

  9. Ashraf

    But, when write above minutes sure hand will come pain.., not possible too uch time too take iphone weight.

    But, just signing document…if its style.

  10. Swiper Fox

    Would using the pen very much, ruin the headphone jack?

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