Ramen Bowl for iPhone Owners

Ramen Bowl for iPhone Owners

Innovative bowl with an iPhone dock was created by MisoSoupDesign for people who cannot live without their phone.

“Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl” will hold your iPhone and allow you to make video calls, listen to music, check email, watch videos, and browse the internet while you enjoy a bowl of delicious ramen noodles.

Useful “iPhone Bowl” is available in black, red, or white.

Ramen Bowl iPhone Dock

Ramen Bowl

Noodle Bowl

iPhone Bowl

Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

iPhone Ramen Bowl

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  1. Shawie

    Hahaha great idea :)

  2. Pete

    I’ve never needed two hands to eat noodles. I must be doing it wrong.

    Also, wouldn’t the iphone get all fogged up?

  3. seee

    wouldnt soup splash on the phone

  4. Red

    Must say useless idea.

  5. Dominic

    God forbid if it falls in the Ramen!

  6. Peter

    How stupid you have to be to not have time to eat a quiet meal, and talk face to face, without this crap.

  7. Steven

    Another iGadget the world does not need.

  8. Barrie G. Hall

    I am to much of a clutz to own this.

  9. julien

    OMG ! how to have a very dirty phone, buy this bowl

  10. Karen

    A little over the top, I think.

  11. Kevin

    @Pete, you have the option of using a spoon and chopsticks at the same time, you get a spoon full of the soup and then put noodles in the spoon so you get the soup and noodles at the same time

  12. Louis

    I dont know about you but I use my phone while I use the toilet so the thought of putting my phone on my soup bowl would kind of kill my appetite.

  13. anyphonegood

    The poor Chinese, spent all the money on the iphone and now it chinese soup for 10 pence per pack. LOL

  14. marius

    is it a dock? does the heat of the soup charge your phone or what is this good for?

  15. NIcé

    very stupid idea

  16. woops

    No one mentioned ramen splash problems. I’d rather keep my phone dry!

  17. Kittu

    Next will be an iphone cover that will protect the iphone from the food splashes!

  18. Eka Suputra

    good, but i hope it also can charge the phone from energy of ramen heat…

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