Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence

Reflective fence designed by Alyson Shotz blends into the environment and becomes almost invisible.

Mirror Fence” protects the territory, creates privacy, and does not distract from the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Reflective Fence

Mirrored Fence

Mirror Fence by Alyson Shotz

Fence Made of Mirrors

Alyson Shotz

Hidden Fence

Mirror Fence

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  1. Ru

    Cool! But who gets the job of polishing it? Clear perspex would look cool too.

  2. clear

    Yeah, why not just use a translucent material?

  3. Erin Maree

    I would probably run into it on a daily basis! But cool idea :)

  4. Shawn Rubel

    I love the one that’s built with mirrors, but I couldn’t help to think how saddening it would be to run into one of these.., haha, especially at a barbecue party or something.

  5. Kathy

    Poor dogs (if they have ’em)–you know they’re probably always running into it.

  6. kelly Tozarin

    Dangerous? I hope it is not mirror glass!

  7. Mark

    Perfect for those pesky Zombies! Ha!

  8. Leo Cheung

    Perhaps, it would be dangerous for wild animals.

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