Reflective Sculptures

Reflective Sculptures

Amazing mirrored sculptures of humans and animals created by talented Scottish artist Rob Mulholland.

Mirrored life-size figures blend into surrounding environment and reflect the constant flux of movement day by day.

Looks like these reflective creations were inspired by the movie Predator.

Mirrored Sculptures

Reflective Sculpture

Mirror Sculpture

Predator Sculptures

Predator Sculpture

Mirror Sculptures by Rob Mulholland

Mirrored Sculptures by Rob Mulholland

Mirror Sculptures

Mirrored Sculpture

Reflective Sculptures by Rob Mulholland

Rob Mulholland

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  1. Diego

    i imagined myself running through the forest and getting hit by one of those sculptures xD

  2. Lilia Smiles

    ^ That reminds me of Hunger Games! What if they had those in the arena

  3. Daniel

    My first thought was: Predator! (the movie)

  4. Linda

    My stomach flipped as I thought they looked like aliens! Pretty amazing works of art though

  5. Sharyn

    They’d certainly freak me out if I was wandering through the forest then all of a sudden “mirror people”. I watch too much Dr Who though :-)

  6. Aerwhyn

    When I first saw this I instantly thought “mindf**k” then I thought “imaginary friend named Steve”. I wondered where he got to….

  7. Matt

    Someones been watching Predator! ;)

  8. kadal

    yep, first tought was predator movie
    now we’re not alone in the

  9. Osman

    Nice…. Creepy!

  10. Gert

    I don’t know that I’d call mirrors cut out in the shapes of living things ‘amazing’ as stated. It’s an interesting idea but amazing? Well, no. Not really.

  11. Douglas

    @Gert … agreed.

  12. Mark

    I love art so this is fun. Totally relate to the Predator look alike. They should cut one of these into that shape and place it somewhere in Central Park. Yeah, that would be interesting. LOL.

  13. Raven Smite

    What I’m impressed at, is that the photographer was not shown in ANY of the reflections in any of the shots!

  14. Shandya

    @Raven Smite
    I was going to point that out!

  15. nun

    that can be very scary…lol

  16. Zara

    I think that this creates awe-inspiring moment. Simply a mirror cut in the shape of a mirror, and yet in its simplicity, it wakes up the imagination! lol I like it. I wish could get a couple of those on my own front lawn or back yard :)

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