Helicopter Car

Helicopter Car

Innovative car that transforms into personal helicopter designed by PAL-V.

On the ground, the vehicle drives like a sports car. Within minutes, the rotor unfolds, the tail extends, and the flying car is ready to take off.

Personal air and land vehicle is scheduled to go into production in 2014.



Flying Vehicle

Personal Air and Land Vehicle


Flying Car

Sports Car

PAL-V Helicopter Car

Fly Car

Flying Sports Car

PAL-V Flying Car

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  1. Sharyn

    I love it! But I’d want to be the only one who had one, so that when I took off to jump the traffic jam, the rest of the traffic wasn’t taking off as well.

  2. Lilia Smiles

    It would be so cool in a traffic situation, but I wouldn’t drive such a small car everyday. It only holds one person, I guess no carpooling.

  3. woops

    I would LOVE to fly over slow drivers in the HOV lane with this

  4. Craig

    only thing is that it needs a runway to take off by the looks of it so taking off when already in traffic would be impossible
    i could see it being very applicable for rural farmers with lots of land though

  5. muggletrucker

    It’s a mega fancy chitty chitty bang bang!

  6. :D

    It’s good way to the traffic jams!

  7. michi

    This is a gyrocopter, not a helicopter.
    A gyrocopter can’t hover, nor can it do vertical takeoff and landing. The rotor isn’t powered and it needs some forward movement to keep lift. However, it can fly at much lower speed and can do with a much shorter runway than an airplane.

  8. woops

    @ Craig

    HOV = runway

  9. Clint

    HOV+runway+sign poles in middle=propellers breaking during take off…

    Depending all on the area you are in, most areas you will not be doing this…

  10. Critical Eye

    It’s more of a flying motorcycle than a flying car, no? Either way… so cool.

  11. nash

    Very cool!

  12. Michael

    Its awesome, how do I get one?

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