Elevated Benches

Elevated Benches

Series of creative benches in unusual places by Israeli designer Itay Ohaly.

Elevated urban furniture will provide a different perspective of the public space through a detached experience within the city.

Elevated Bench

Modern Bench

Bench Designs

High Bench

Extreme Bench

For more bench designs, check out: 15 Creative and Unique Benches

  1. Julie

    I like that :) In the right place that’d be a nice view.

  2. Isaac

    Cool idea, but way too poorly photoshopped to be on a blog like this…

  3. EugiKo

    cool idea!

  4. Lukerville

    Too much work to sit and wait for a bus. Good idea for a beach or skyline view though.

  5. ran

    nice and very creative

  6. Till B.

    wow.. my eyes hurt, looking at those badly photoshopped “pictures”….

  7. Alexander

    omg i like this stairs lolz

  8. Tom

    And so a picture that hasn’t been photoshoped is ugly ? F*** that ! It’s reality guys !

    Awesome benches btw.

  9. Danyell

    The one in the wall seems a bit scary to me, but I like the wrapped ones.

    And congrats to all the people who announced the use of Photoshop. Would we ever be able to get by without you? When you went to see Jaws, did you tell everyone the shark was fake?

  10. Till B.

    no it’s not real.

  11. Gert

    Clever idea but there would be several building code violations if they were real.

    For those of you with issues about photshopped concept designs um… seriously.. you are really worried about the wrong things in life.

    These are no different than an architectural drawing. Those aren’t ‘real’ either now are they?

  12. sarah

    I actually really like these… :)

  13. Karin L.

    Cool Idea!!!

  14. Keaton

    Lawsuit waiting to happen…

  15. Atavistica

    Brilliant, just the ticket for taking a few minuets out from the rat race below.

  16. Lulu-Chan

    i WANT one of those!! it would be perfect for the beaches and tropical place!

  17. peppy

    You know that it would always be occupied by a crazy homeless guy who would defend his perch to the death. With urine.

  18. Leithy_boy

    Did you hear a cracking sound???

  19. Garrett Davis

    I kind of like it because one of the reasons I don’t enjoy park benches more (at night anyway) is because I am always afraid someone is going to sneak up behind me. Probably an irrational fear, but at any rate, I would be more at ease talking on the phone whilst on one of these.

  20. Chase

    best idea ever.

  21. Aidin

    why does it matter that he is Israeli? Is that a new trend to state where you are from anytime you make art? I like the idea. It gives a different perspective on things. But I don’t go around preaching my nationality when I make art.

  22. q-bert

    @ Aidin-
    Have you complained before about Italian designer Israeli Ohaly?

  23. chit

    If they’d have some sort of railing or boundary to prevent clumsy people like me from falling off–then they’re amazing! They’d be definitely useful for some interesting angles in photography!

  24. shan

    we need that in little rock

  25. Aidin

    your funny q-bert

  26. Joy

    thats cool but i think the last one is dangerous

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