Ice Cream iPhone Cases

Ice Cream iPhone Cases

Realistic food cases will transform your iPhone into delicious ice cream bar.

Creative IcePhone cases from Japan designed to look like real ice cream.

Mouth-watering iPhone cases are not edible and they do not melt.

Ice Cream iPhone Case


Ice Cream Phone Cases

Ice Cream Phone Case

Realistic Ice Cream iPhone Case

Ice Cream Case

Realistic Ice Cream iPhone Cases

Ice Cream Phone

Ice Cream iPhone

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  1. dexter

    so Apple is proud to release a thin phone… but people torture themselves with thick and unpractical cases…

  2. Superman

    Cool but silly :P

  3. Gert

    Useless but cool

  4. sgh

    so thick Lol

  5. daffy

    Put ice block on your ear? Does it make sense?

  6. Swiper Fox

    If it becomes warm after using it, its to put it in the freezer before it melts. :-)

  7. Ashe

    Hurt your ear but need to take a call???

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