Creative Ice Cream

Creative Ice Cream

Unusual ice cream shaped like the heads of famous characters and people.

Designed by Russian advertising agency Stoyn, this cool ice cream was inspired by Darth Vader, Marilyn Monroe, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Donald Duck, Mario, Ernesto Che Guevara, and Mickey Mouse.

Ice Cream

Stoyn Ice Cream

Unique Ice Cream

Vladimir Mayakovsky Ice Cream

Donald Duck Ice Cream

Ernesto Che Guevara Ice Cream

Mario Ice Cream

Marilyn Monroe Ice Cream

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream

Darth Vader Ice Cream

Unusual Ice Cream

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  1. cara

    brilliant .. now i want ice-cream…

  2. jam

    looks delicious! i want one as well.

  3. yann_tiee

    nyum~ nyum~~

  4. Jam

    they need to make a nyan flavor

  5. Gert


  6. pandjoel

    now u can lick monroe LOL

  7. ran

    i want all….

  8. Steven

    I want to eat Darth Vader!

  9. Kolin

    liquorice, not licorise

    jeez, simple spelling.

  10. Rob

    Where I can buy? Someone find out where I can buy online these ice creams.

  11. Danyell

    Just when you thought they was something worse (and missing the point) than a Che Guevara t-shirt…

    Otherwise cool concept though.

  12. douglas

    Ice cream should be fun. Keep the politics out of ice cream. We want funny comic figures like Nancy Pelosi.

  13. Faisy


  14. flatsolid

    Lick me to the (wooden) bone, babe!

  15. mcfluffy

    Where can you buy these???

  16. Zerian

    The point is iconic figures but yeah I want a vodka cranberry.

  17. Sarah

    Where can you buy these from and how much? I want one for my father

  18. Enrico Martinez

    Cool Ice Creams with Cool Designs.

    But I only want them for flavors… not designs.

    I normally bite / munch the ice cream (and rarely lick them)… rendering mutilation or decapitation on these ice cream stick head figures.

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