Sweet Meat

Sweet Meat

Creative photo series by talented Austrian photographer Jasmin Schuller features ice cream, cake, and other desserts made of real meat.

Meat Cake

Sweet Meat by Jasmin Schuller

Meat Ice Cream

Meat Dessert

Meat Icecream

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  1. Lol

    my fat dream came true

  2. Betty

    right. Amazing photography!

  3. Jay


  4. Dominic

    If only they sold meat like this!

  5. Sharyn

    Brilliantly done, but…UGH! Raw meet *shudder*

  6. Nat

    That gross it made feel so ill

  7. Gert

    Um.. no and yuck. But lol @Jay, you made me think something dirty.

  8. O_O


  9. Magda

    it’s disgusting for me

  10. maria

    What’s the thing with meat!!! i think it’s disgusting

  11. Chedie

    Really creative though a bit gross for me! XD

  12. Subarulol

    @Jay lol X) meatsicle ;3

  13. intan

    hemmm… i love meat,,

  14. Homer


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