Garage with a View

Garage with a View

Modern parking garage designed by Peter Kunz was embedded into the side of a mountain in Herdern, Switzerland.

Five cubes made out of concrete feature large glass windows that offer breathtaking views of the landscape.

Garagenatelier in Herdern


Concrete Garage

Herdern Switzerland

Parking Garage

Parking Garages


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  1. Edward Martinez

    Emergency Exit or Quick Exit: Drive thru glass.

    Is that glass, shatterproof? bullet-resistant?
    Any guards posted to protect those cars?

  2. Markus

    man, this is switzerland. no guards or anal-checks for anything you do

  3. John Cline

    All that expense to provide parking for 5 cars? Wonder what they charge. Also, the town appears rather small. That adds to the mystery.

  4. Gert

    I think I’d rather park my car next to my house where I don’t have to walk however far to get to work seeing as that’s the whole point of me HAVING a car…

  5. jimbo

    My Rollscanardly always wanted to see out it’s own window. Now it will cry for all the time it missed.

  6. Vinz Clortho


  7. Alice

    I like it. It feels like these cars are works of art, and they deserve to be on display. Granted, it’s not ideal for the average family and their minivan, but for a classic car collector, sports car owner, or even a motorbike rider, I think it would be a nice way to show off what you’re passionate about. :)

  8. Mark

    My luck someone with a 76 Vega would park there and leak 40wt oil all over the joint! LOL

  9. Max

    There’s something written on the windows, what is it? It looks to be important to the context of this project.

  10. Mike

    Hey here’s my $XXX,XXX,XXX car. Come check it out and steal it if you please. This is a terrible idea.

  11. Bill

    Am I the only one thinking of Ferris Bueller ?

  12. Kenn85

    This is clearly a sort of a drive in Motel with a view.

  13. Jamie

    It could have a porter to watch over the “lot”… as I imagine it is NOT free… they would probably have someone there to protect the investment.

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