Water Wigs

Water Wigs

Creative photo series by American photographer Tim Tadder features people in beautiful wigs made of water.

Water Balloons were dropped onto the heads of models and photos of stylish water wigs were captured using high speed photography.

Wigs Made of Water

Tim Tadder

Water Balloon Wig

Liquid Wigs

Balloon Wig

Water Wig

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Water Wig by Tim Tadder

Liquid Wig

Tim Tadder Water Wigs

Tim Tadder Water Wig

Wig Made of Water

Wigs by Tim Tadder

Photographer Tim Tadder

Balloon Wigs

Water Balloon Wigs

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  1. Khadijah


  2. Betty

    This are amazing!

  3. jury

    clothing and hats. Clouds of smoke and konfeti from the explosion of firecrackers

  4. GoMuhammad

    Geniously beautiful!!

  5. David Loehmann

    Brilliant! An incredible concept beautifully realized.

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