Modern Rolling Pins

Modern Rolling Pins

Laser engraved rolling pins allow people to make personalized cookies with creative patterns and designs.

Wooden rolling pins created by Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska.

You can even order custom rolling pins with your own design.

Robot Rolling Pin

Robot Rolling Pin

Dinosaur Rolling Pin

Dinosaur Rolling Pin

Moustache Rolling Pin

Moustache Rolling Pin

Fast Food Rolling Pin

Laser Engraved Rolling Pin

Dog Pattern Rolling Pin

Dog Rolling Pin

Geometric Pattern Rolling Pins

Geometric Rolling Pin

Pattern Rolling Pin

Custom Rolling Pin

Zuzia Kozerska

Cat Pattern Rolling Pin

Engraved Rolling Pin

Cat Rolling Pin

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  1. Eva

    Love the moustache one!

  2. Nerrisa

    this is awesome!!! i love it!!!

  3. Ashe

    If I would get one I would get a custom one and it would be “I gave you a cookie now go away.” so I could give it to annoying people.

  4. Gert

    These are not a new concept at all. Sprngle cookies have been made this way for centuries but I like the laser cut idea. Endless choices for creativity. I think I’d like a Star Wars one :D

  5. sachin

    I am not sure if this could be properly cleaned..

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