Rubber Band Machine Gun

Rubber Band Machine Gun

Wooden machine gun designed by Alex Shpetniy can hold and quickly fire 672 rounds of elastic rubber bands.

Fully automatic rubber band machine guns are crafted out of high quality birch plywood. Available in different colors. Battery powered.

Firing Speed: 14 rubber bands per second. Range: 26 feet ( 8 m ).

Rubber Band Gun

Rubber Band Gun By Alex Shpetniy

Alex Shpetniy

Rubber Bands Machine Gun

Alex Shpetniy Rubber Band Gun

Rubber Band Machine Guns

Rubber Band Machine Gun By Alex Shpetniy

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  1. Ali Akbar

    Awesome ! I want this :)

  2. John Hansen

    Yes- it’s fantastic.
    I want one.

  3. Dominic

    Let the Hunger Games begin

  4. Reload?

    how many hours does it take to reload 672 bands while your open whacks you with a stick

  5. Sophia

    Yeah, this great and all but how farkera long would it take to reload the whole thing?

  6. sampersand

    I wonder if the company could get a tax deduction if they file this as “office supply”…

  7. sam

    someone been watching Joerg Sprave(sling-shot channel)

  8. Dave

    Nice but, would it stop the zombie horde?

  9. John

    I’m having trouble figuring out how they came up with “672.” There appears to be 15 notches on each stick… and 16 sticks. Assuming 1 rubber band per notch, then that’s only 240. Even if we double that: 480. Triple: 720. Are there more notches on the inside of each stick? More than 1 rubber band per notch? What combination of numbers gets us to 672? 2.8 rubber bands per notch? Some get 2, others get 3? 3 rubber bands * 14 notches * 16 sticks = 672… but I’m pretty sure I see 15 notches. could it actually be more like 720 rubber bands? (Anyway… WOW!)

  10. John

    Oh, I think I see now: The farthest-forward notch is for the release string only, not for loading rubber-bands, so there are actually only 14 active notches per stick. So I see: 14 notches x 16 sticks x 3 rubber bands = 672. (Again: WOW! I wish I thought of it!)

  11. tedbusto

    Shut up and take my money.

  12. Luiz

    I don´t like of arms, but it is very creative and very well done.

  13. Brightoner

    Definitely need one. We usually have battles with the rubber pistols only. I’ll be a king if I had one.

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