Pipe Coffee Mug

Pipe Coffee Mug

Innovative mug allows you to smoke plants and drink coffee at the same time.

“Pipe Mug” helps people wake up in the morning and relax during lunch.

The world’s first coffee mug with a pipe in it! Designed by ZANG. [via]

Pipe Tea Mug

Pipe Mug

Bong Mug

ZANG Pipe Mug

Bong Coffee Mug

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  1. Pearl Lamie


  2. Rob

    yes please….

    also, I wonder what they are smoking… just wish it was legal in my area lol!

  3. Silas

    Yeah, keeping it classy…

  4. Shilov

    What were you smoking when you thought of this?

  5. Nancy

    Where are these mugs sold? My nephew is graduating from college. He would love this.

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