Edible Coffee Cups

Edible Coffee Cups

Customers of KFC fast food restaurants in United Kingdom will soon be able to order delicious coffee in edible cookie cups.

Drink your morning coffee and then eat the “cookie cup” wrapped in edible heat-resistant paper made of sugar and white chocolate.

KFC Edible Coffee Cup

Edible Coffee Cup

Edible Cup

KFC Edible Cup

KFC Edible Coffee Cups

Edible Cups

Edible Cup

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  1. Silas

    I wish these were available in my area (though I don’t even eat KFC) just so I could try this.

  2. Gert

    How come they don’t show coffee in the cookie cups?

  3. max81rus

    This looks so nice… Reminded me of a cartoon monster who ate everything, including a table and a chef. LOL

  4. E

    I’d like to try once, nevermind the buzz from over high on caffeine and sugar.

  5. Z

    Is no one thinking about the general hygiene of fast food restaurants? Do these cups come in special sleeves? Nice idea, looks delicious, but the germs, so many germs

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