3D Printed Sugar

3D Printed Sugar

Beautiful and complex sculptures designed and 3D printed by Los Angeles based architects Liz and Kyle von Hasseln.

Three-dimensional sugar cubes and edible objects can be displayed, used as cake decoration, or given away in cafes and modern coffee stores.

3D printing technology will soon allow chefs to quickly and easily prepare creative meals of all shapes and sizes.

3D Printed Sugar Cubes

The Sugar Lab

Sugar Sculpture

3D Printed Sugar Sculpture

3D Printed Food

Sugar Sculptures by The Sugar Lab

Sugar Art

3D Printed Sugar Sculptures

Sugar Sculptures

3D Printed Sugar Cube

Sugar Lab

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  1. erwin


  2. H Bland

    @erwin haha!

    I like it though, wonder how long until we see it in cafes and shops!

  3. Юрий

    3D fractal, coral ? Less school geometry and drawing. More chaos.

  4. Gert

    Seems to me this would take all the artistry out of cake decorating. Sure it’s great for those discount places but haven’t machines taken over ENOUGH jobs already?

  5. Chari

    LOVELOVELOVE this! I’m quickly becoming a 3D printing fanatic — this is the future, my friends! Some morning I will come downstairs to my 3D printers and have them print out little sugar spaceships to drop into my “tea, Earl Grey, hot.” :-D

  6. derekPo


    What do you mean?

  7. Heather

    Love the look but agree that this would surely take away the creative artistry involved by the cake maker or decorator! These things used to be made purely by hand.

  8. Gabriel Tozarin

    I’d bite a small piece.

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