Wine Carafes

Wine Carafes

Beautiful wine carafes designed by Etienne Meneau look like human veins, hearts, and tree branches.

Unique glass carafes will help you store, present and serve delicious wine.

Unique Carafes

Vein Carafes

Etienne Meneau Carafe

Wine Carafe

Vein Carafe

Etienne Meneau Vein Carafes

Unique Carafe


Etienne Meneau Wine Carafes


Etienne Meneau

Etienne Meneau Wine Carafe

Etienne Meneau Vein Carafe

Etienne Meneau Carafes

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  1. Mariusz

    Is it dishwasher safe? ;)

  2. Kathy

    Love these! As if wine weren’t fun enough already, this makes it even more so! Cleaning inside each of those tubes would pose a challenge…

  3. Pearl Lambie

    Beautiful but look like a nightmare to clean and easily broken.

  4. luigi

    red wine needs to breathe. this carafe is useless

  5. criticaleye

    Agree with luigi… the whole point behind decanting is to oxygenate the wine. These look neat, but don’t seem to provide much exposure to air.

  6. Mads

    Mate I’d use it for decoration or for vodka, point is it’s bloody wicked and such a great statement/art piece!!

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