Wine Glass Rings

Wine Glass Rings

Creative rings with integrated wine glasses designed by Merve Kahraman.

Miniature wine glasses are attached to stylish transparent rings. Drink wine or something stronger from your own drinking glass ring.

Perfect glassware for nightclubs, presentations of new beverages, and wine tasting parties.

Wine Glass Ring

Glass Ring

Drinking Glass Rings

Seduction Series by Merve Kahraman

Merve Kahraman

Drinking Glass Ring

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  1. Islander

    Not for hand-talkers!

  2. Fillibert

    or shakers… Scarlett Johansson

  3. Swiper Fox

    Just wear it on the other hand where your wristwatch is not there. I might ask you for the time and spill wine on your clothes :-)

  4. Pearl Lamie

    Jewelry for alcoholics!

  5. Gert

    LOL… a bit Star Trek… also not good for white wine which should be slightly cool to the tongue not body temp.

  6. Don

    This reminds me of Ringpop…

  7. stefano

    good to drink assenzio

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