Coffee Cup Beer Koozie

Coffee Cup Beer Koozie

Innovative coffee cup lid will hold a can of refreshing beer and keep it hidden from the world.

Lolo Lids – stealth beer koozie that hides your beer and keeps it ice cold.

Snap your beer into the bottom of the lid and hide it in your coffee cup.

Lolo Lids

Beer Coffee Lid

Beer Coffee Cup

Secret Beer Koozie

Coffee Lid Beer Koozie

Stealth Beer Koozie

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  1. Fillibert

    Vancouver eh

  2. Jerry McArthur

    Find us on Kickstarter and pick one up yourself.

  3. John

    I see this as an anniversary gift item: “Congratulations on living one year sober!”

  4. Gert

    I think I need one of these….

  5. Swiper Fox

    Just a thought using those lids…
    “Uh? How come your kids got drunk when they only got are some milkshakes?”

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