Toilet Aquarium

Toilet Aquarium

Innovative aquarium designed by California based company AquaOne will replace the standard water tank of your toilet.

Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium is equipped with powerful filtration system, waterproof LED lights, and two transparent compartments:

One holds the toilet water and the other one holds the fish.

Now anyone can finally have a real aquarium in their bathroom.

Toilet Fish Tank

Toilet Tank Aquarium

Fish n Flush Toilet Aquarium

Aquarium Toilet

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  1. scout

    I guess it makes it more convenient when they die?

  2. sgh


  3. Seppy

    That’s not amazing, that’s disgusting!

  4. Stella

    The fish must be very happy to live in a toilette……

  5. Gert

    Stella, goldfish are dumb as dirt, they don’t care where they live.

  6. Mark

    Hey, fish have to go too!

  7. Douglas

    Nope. Sorry.

  8. Ru

    The fish don’t have very much space. Goldfish are carp, they can muddy up water very quickly and I wouldn’t be happy putting them in a tank this size. Not much air to water surface ratio either.

  9. Libeerian

    Dude, where’s my fishin’ pole?? Oh wait, here it is in my HAND.

  10. Lindsey

    “goldfish are dumb” Sweetheart, look in the mirror. Goldfish are highly intelligent, can recognize their owners, remember their way through mazes after FIVE YEARS, and can learn to do tricks. They don’t deserve to be shoved in an overcrowded gimmicky piece of garbage like this.

    Three cheers for promoting animal abuse as “quirky art!”

  11. Trish

    Gert…. Fish are not dumb! They are in schools!!!
    hehe! Other than that.. I think this is really cool!

  12. Nabeela

    Please can you tell me how much does the fish and flush toilet aquarium and seat cost?

  13. David

    That is an innovative idea,I wish the company was still in business so I can purchase two (2) of them for both of my bathrooms. Are there any similar companies out there please contact me. I would love to have this product


    This is awesome I decorated my in a beach scene with sand in it palm tree and beach love love .everyone wants one when they saw mine.

  15. Stacia

    I would like to buy one of these and can’t find one! Help?

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