Extending Window

Extending Window

Innovative window designed by Aldana Ferrer Garcia allows people to lean over the edge and look at the sky.

Extending window for small apartments provides easy access to sunlight and fresh air. Sit on your window and look at the stars at night.

Aldana Ferrer Garcia Extending Window

More Sky Window

Aldana Ferrer Garcia Window Concept

Aldana Ferrer Garcia

Aldana Ferrer Garcia Window

Aldana Ferrer Garcia More Sky Window

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  1. Gert

    Well that doesn’t look unsafe at all..

  2. ts

    Pretty cool until you hear “CRACK” and drop 20 floors.

  3. captain obvious

    It would need to be safety glass. And you would use non sliding panels of course.

  4. Fillibert

    Cleaning them from the outside would be a pain. Unless you could pull them in somehow

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