Windows Transform into Balconies

Windows Transform into Balconies

Innovative roof windows designed by Polish company Fakro transform into balconies when opened.

Large window quickly unfolds and becomes a balcony with great views.

When the balcony is no longer needed, it completely disappears.

Window Balconies

Balcony Window

Fakro Window


Fakro Balcony

Window Balcony

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  1. Lars

    Sorry guys, but this is just a bad copy of the german window company Velux. They produce theese special kind of windows over 15 Years! There’s no innovation!

  2. Jim

    very nice. Clever use of the window space.

  3. Kathy

    What a great idea!

  4. Gert

    Well it’s only sort of a balcony but it’s very cool. Wish I’d had these in my first apartment.

  5. Eli

    “VELUX is a Danish company that specializes in windows and skylights. ” – Wikipedia

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