Extension Cord Wall Socket

Extension Cord Socket

Electrical socket with hidden extension cord designed by Meysam Movahedi.

Innovative electrical outlets feature extension cords stored inside the wall.

Extension Cord Wall Socket

Meysam Movahedi

Meysam Movahedi Socket

Socket with Extension Cord

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  1. Critical Eye

    Very good idea… productize it!

  2. Adam Vesztergom

    Very good idea !!!!

  3. Gert

    I see 2 possible problems. Cold climates. Spiders.

  4. eemke

    great idee !! and I don’t think spiders mind..

  5. Leonie Remmerswaal

    I’m no electrical expert, but isn’t the rolled up cord going to become extremely and dangerously hot?

  6. Zaher Sahyoun

    Clever and useful idea… i like

  7. George

    As an electrical educated person I say bravo and cheers.

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