3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

Innovative pen designed by Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue allows people to draw three-dimensional objects.

It works just like a 3D Printer. Heated plastic comes out of the 3D pen and instantly solidifies.

You can draw on any surface or lift it up in the air to create real 3D objects.

3Doodler pen will help you lift your imagination off the page!

3Doodler Pen

3D Printed


3D Drawing Pen

3D Printer

3D Printing

3D Pen


3D Printer Pen

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  1. Mangkum

    Another type of 3D printer… Cool!!
    Me want one!!

  2. topo

    awesome idea!

  3. Trains-what

    For now i can’t afford it, but it’s totally worth it! I would definitely buy it.

  4. Pavel

    interesting technology

  5. Chewie

    It’s a must buy for me… the fact you can construct models in seconds is amazing…. sadly they sold out on the buy site :L………….

  6. John

    It is way too cool, I love it !

  7. Colooche

    That’s the power of 21st century!

  8. Sharyn

    Brilliant, I’d love one!

  9. Gert

    Oh I so want one of these….

  10. thais

    the coolest thing i’ve ever seen!!

  11. :)

    Amazing product! Could definitely help to visualize 3d stuffs instantly. Also glad to read that none of us *yet* complains about the design of the pen or the examples of the 3d pen produces.

    Keep up the positive attitude people! =D

  12. Jimbo

    taking the glue gun one more step. I love it.

  13. Mark

    Love this. Very inspiring and makes you think differently about your approach to an art project!

  14. Maria

    Looks promising. Might get it if it’s for a logical price.

  15. Siggy

    A colored hot glue gun.

  16. SH.james

    More plastic, yeah!!! :-(

  17. Banaan

    Awesome gadget, I pre ordered it!

  18. kadal

    awesome, another Doraemon tool become reality.

  19. hira pasha

    amazing work…

  20. annelca

    Is not sold out, still on the kickstarter page!

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