Bicycle Surfboard Trailer

Bicycle Surfboard Trailer

Innovative carrier for your surfboard designed to be attached to any bicycle.

Wheele surf trailer with padded rack for surfboards and paddleboards.

Bike Surfboard Trailer

Bike Surfboard Rack

Bicycle Surfboard Rack

Bicycle Surfboard Carrier

Bike Surfboard Carrier

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  1. Swiper Fox

    A car bumps hard your surfboard; your pointed surfboard surges forward; cuts you in half.

  2. pom

    1) The video doesn’t show it going over soft sand. Two pics show the trailer tire sinking in the sand. It needs a much wider tire to keep it from sinking in the sand.
    2) How about a two wheeled version to tow a small sailboat, such as a Laser of Sunfish?

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