Teva Stilettos

Teva Stilettos

The most comfortable high heel shoes on the planet allow you to go mountain climbing and hiking in style.

Designed by Grey Ant and Teva, these shoes combine velcro-strap styling and grip-sole construction with 4 inch heels.

Hiking Stilettos

Mountain Climbing in Stilettos

Gardening in High Heel Shoes

Gardening in Stilettos

High Fashion Gardening

Climbing in Stilettos

Teva Stilettos

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  1. bomberben

    Great Idea!
    Though I dont know if “most comfortable high heels” is really a complement :P

  2. Sky_pirate


  3. Koi Koi

    Utter bull-ish! Slip on a knarly rock and you are bound to break more than just your ankles “comfortable” heels or not…

  4. Doug

    idiocy !

  5. TTV

    Because as everyone knows, the whole point of rock climbing and hiking is to look good the entire time. These things are bull.

  6. mcnanuk

    lets talk about comfort after the first 5 km :)

    the most dangerous thing about this shoes… women will use them :)

  7. Zunny

    Case of designer(s) with waaaaay too much time on their hands.
    or smoking crack.

  8. Danyell

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of and the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.

    “mcnanuk ” – I’m sad that you know these kinds of women. Neither I, nor any women I know would wear those.

  9. Bryce

    its clearly meant to juxtapose the lack of functionality in normal high heels. its more of a statement than practical, and of course the people who made it know that.

  10. Betty

    These might be just the thing in the Urban jungle…otherwise, why?

  11. Frank Meijer

    LOL! Must be a joke.. :) :)

  12. DAN


  13. Madame

    Seriously people – these shoes are wearable. OK they are stretching it a tad to say ‘suitable for mountain climbing’ but then I think that might be a little tongue in cheek.
    And frankly, as a heel wearer for 30 years who wears them every day* I really don’t see what the problem is with wearing such things!

    * well apart from today as there is heavy snowfall and I’m wearing Doc Martens.

  14. Mac

    Looked at the website for curiousity’s sake:

    *Not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing, or Phish concerts :)

  15. Brent

    no wonder you can’t see the face of the model …

  16. Jorge Cajina

    Excelente… muy creativo.

  17. Eve


  18. M.R.

    That’s just sick. I wear heels from time to time, but everyone suggesting they’re comfortable footwear is a liar. They’re not practical, they’re not healthy. You can’t run in them and stones or plain earth on the ground makes them hell. Yes, they look kind of nice but they are a handicap. Suggesting women to buy these stupid things for activties where you actually need to walk safe and use your legs properly is either a very good ironic joke or an insult on women’s intelligence.

  19. trekker

    High heels are said to be mankind’s second-most destructive invention. The first-most would be the hand gun.

  20. bincleBinc

    these shoes look okay… Seem to be more comfortable then some other highheels I know! BUT wearing these shoes together with those socks … eww… I don’t think so.

  21. Toski

    I’d love to see paris hilton wear them for climbing purposes!! hahaha that would surley make it to the most viewed videos on youtube!!

  22. pete

    is this sarcastic,,,?

  23. Pavaroti

    Gess what! these high heel shoes will make the best shoe for the year, just like UGG made it.
    it’s always the distorted styles that flourish….:-)

  24. Aja

    They had to show these shoes in a rugged terrain because they are so dang ugly! If you wore them on the streets you would look ridiculous.

  25. Scott

    Forget the shoes, look at those legs. HA If those shoes makes my girlfriend have legs like those, Merry freaken Christmas.

  26. jumanicus

    im not sure they would work, and those socks are worse, but i dont mind those legs, damn fine legs

  27. crzyninja

    wow so ugly and pointless designers were def high when they thought of these

  28. Gert

    MR.. wrong. I have been wearing high heals since my teens and now am in my mid 30s. If your heals not comfortable you are both buying the wrong brands and the wrong size. I suggest you quit trying to squeeze your feet into a size too small because you are vain or spent the amont of money it costs for well made shoes such as 9 West.

    Not only can I run in my heals, I have, several times. I have no leg fatigue at the end of the day because my legs are in shape to wear them.

    You do not have my sympathy. Heals are as comfortable as tennis shoes if you learn how to walk in them correctly, aren’t out of shape and aren’t wearing ones too small for your feet.

  29. Evie

    Those are stupid.

  30. James Ernst

    I’m going to pretend these shoes are just ironic sculptures..

    ..and not really shoes. I can’t accept that.

  31. flash

    sexy :)

  32. kitty

    I don’t think a comfortable stiletto exists outside of people’s imagination

  33. ran

    still,high heel is high heel,no matter how comfort or functional it made…it will make us stiff if we wear it too long,more over if we use it for the extreme activity like hiking…

  34. Madame

    Gert: So right sweetie!
    Like anything else, don’t get them if you are not prepared for them or can’t use them correctly.
    Nothing wrong with wearing heels and I do it all the time – those of us who do know how to carry our bodies correctly.

  35. Rachael

    Guys, I don’t think the designers actually want anyone hiking in these…

    I think they look cool :D

  36. Gunnar

    bad idea

    well Gert i think you r very skilled at doing stuff in high heels but not every women is like you

  37. asian

    wow talk about breaking your ankle in 3 places….

  38. VinceVega

    what? no high heeled snowshoes…no high heeled water skis? effing slackers.

    I really want to see someone hike in open toed stilettos across terrain that I hike and THEN and only then can you lecture me on “if you are in good shape and they fit right…” from a physics standpoint it’s a terrible idea when it comes to functionality. Good luck in those stillettos in hilly terrain after a three day rain.

  39. kim

    plain stupid

  40. Ayoally

    I don’t think any women would wear these while doing yard work… maybe going out, or a party or something

  41. Sjaan

    What about these socks? anybody know where to get them?
    Love the shoes, styling and photography!

  42. jaqi mugo

    What women always dreamed of… comfortable heels. A dream come true here!

  43. LG

    Idiocy, sick, ridiculous, absurd!!! Gert your assessment is inane, self satisfied, and pompous. I’ve been wearing EXPENSIVE, well made high heels since I was in my teens (and I’m now in my late 50’s). I’m a runner and in great shape but sorry hon, when your foot is forced into an unnatural position, and believe me 4 inch stilettos are as unnatural as it gets, fatigue, pain and eventually deformity set in. Talk to any chiropodist or orthopedist. Foot deformities such as hammer toes, bunions, mallet toes and metatarsalgia can be caused by heels. Knee problems, urinary stress incontinence, hip and back pain, an Achilles tendon more prone to tearing and injury, and the development and progression of arthritis of the knee can all develop and worsen as a result of wearing high heels. While I love the way good high heels look, common sense should always prevail. Heels are NOT good for women.

  44. James Ward

    What a great way to aerate the lawn!

  45. C

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  46. Alice

    On the site the link leads to it says *Not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing, or Phish concerts :) and their $330.00

  47. Alia

    The elevated heel is the cause of the uncomfortableness.

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