Gittler Electric Guitar

Gittler Electric Guitar

Innovative electric guitar made out of aircraft-grade titanium features headless design focused on providing unique and responsive playing experience.

Experimental electric guitar designed by Allan Gittler back in 1970s. He wanted to eliminate all unnecessary features from electric guitars.

By stripping away the body, most of the neck, and controls, Gittler Guitar achieves a pure form, capturing every nuance of the player’s technique.

The guitar features 31 rounded cylindrical frets, ensuring precise intonation and the smallest possible contact area for the strings.

LED lighting system enhances visibility on stage, with pinpoint LED lights shining through miniature cross holes for a soft glow.

Titanium electric guitar by Gittler Instruments is all about the essentials, allowing you to focus on your music.

Shine bright and play for your audience with a guitar that looks as good as it sounds. Gittler Electric Guitar is a futuristic musical instrument.

Gittler Titanium Electric Guitar

Gittler Guitar

Gittler Instruments

Gittler Titanium Guitar

Titanium Electric Guitar

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