Star Wars Guitars

Star Wars Guitars

Unique guitars created by British guitar maker Tom Bingham look like iconic spaceships from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars toys are transformed into electric guitars. It takes almost three month to build each guitar.

Creative “Spaceship Guitars” are equipped with bright LED lights.

Millennium Falcon Guitar

Millennium Falcon Guitar

Star Wars Guitar

Y-Wing Starfighter Guitar

Star Wars Spaceship Guitars

Tom Bingham Star Wars Guitars

B-Wing Starfighter Guitar

Star Wars Spaceship Guitar

Tom Bingham Guitars

Star Wars Guitars

Star Wars Guitars by Tom Bingham

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  1. Dave

    Better hope Lucas doesn’t find out.

  2. tintin


  3. Jury

    an illusion . the image model imaginary things. Don’t fly, and not for the music. Theatrical scenery.

  4. smokie fox


    Correction: Better hope Disney doesn’t find out! lol

  5. Muddy

    Where’s the Rebel Bass ??

  6. thais

    super awesome!
    want it so bad!!!

  7. Gert

    The whole point of building a model kit is to paint it to look realistic. Good first attempt. Next time some actual paint would help.

  8. hans jørgen

    they for sale?

  9. Dustin

    The radar dish on the Millennium Falcon is in the wrong spot.

  10. Betty

    Muddy: Rebel Bass–lol!! :-D

  11. fakhri


  12. Philip

    @Dustin – If they put the dish in the correct spot it would be in the way when you’re trying to play it. I think it was a better call to move it than to try to achieve 100% accuracy.

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