Hollow Chair by Aether Mass

Hollow Chair by Aether Mass

Minimalist chair with shaped wood frame and tensioned webbing provides a one-of-a-kind seating experience.

The Hollow Chair designed by Aether Mass is a unique piece of furniture born from a deep exploration of traditional upholstering techniques.

It reflects the essence of this exploration by distilling the chair down to its fundamental elements: a wooden frame and a voluminous, soft silhouette.

Stripping away fabric layers reveals a wooden frame and webbing, creating a transparent, cushion-like form without the need for extra padding.

Made from solid European oak and featuring oiled finish, the Hallow Chair combines sustainability with high-quality materials for a timeless appeal.

Chair by Aether Mass

Aether Mass Hollow Chair

Aether Mass Chair

Hollow Chair

Aether Mass

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