Solar Powered Floating Resort

Solar Powered Floating Resort

Michele Puzzolante has designed completely self-sufficient floating resort that is part hotel, part yacht, and part submarine.

– Guests of the solar powered luxury resort will stay in comfortable hotel rooms with private bathrooms.

– Fully submerged observation room with thick glass enclosure will provide panoramic views of the ocean and allow people to take beautiful photos.

Solar Resort

Lounge area on the deck will feature hardwood floor and a hot tub.

Floating Resort

– Integrated solar panels will convert sunlight into cheap and eco-friendly energy.

Solar Powered Resort


Resort Concept

Solar Floating Resort Concept

– Modern boat will also have large kitchen, dining area, and control room.

Solar Powered Floating Resort Concept

Solar Powered Floating Resort by Michele Puzzolante

Solar Floating Resort by Michele Puzzolante

Solar Powered Resort by Michele Puzzolante

Solar Resort by Michele Puzzolante

Floating Resort by Michele Puzzolante

– The estimated production cost of Solar Floating Resort is $1,800,000.

Resort by Michele Puzzolante

Resort Concept by Michele Puzzolante

Solar Floating Resort

Solar Floating Resort Concept by Michele Puzzolante

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  1. minions

    I can see how this could be our future, but the “buildings” would have to be located in a place where it’s always sunny.

    Otherwise, I think it’s a very innovative concept. =]

  2. KEI

    Design is out, it look like 20 years ago concept design

  3. Byron

    Probably the most impracticle design that someone could come up with. Form and function should respond to one another, and in this case form dominates. Good luck getting capital for that!

  4. Jonesy

    Might be nice to have one when the end of the world floods come! ;)

  5. Megan

    I like it. The shape is appropriate for what it tries to be. It is not a speed boat.

  6. Frank Meijer

    Very impractical.
    Imagine this floating monster captured by a bunch of pirates…
    But maybe it can be used to let it float in a king-size swimmingpool for the benefit of some rich and already spoiled kids ;-)

  7. Lily

    It’s similar to buildings from Venus project, but really nice, i like it :)

  8. BejbeBPA

    This looks like R2D2

  9. Alex P

    Get rid of the underwater sitting area. It’s not aerodynamic at all and adds an additional 11 foot depth to this vessel. Oh, and add some actual walls to the bathrooms instead of just glass. I do like the concept though.

  10. x0barky0x

    Technically, isn’t this what a cruise is? Yes, it’s solar powered but it’s just a boring cruise ship, no ports of call, no rock wall, no mini golf lol

  11. Julio

    It only has 2 beds, doesn’t make sense the amount of people against the capability in the rooms. Where will the crew sleep?

  12. D.AiM

    Good approach and my best wishes to the designers and the animators of this project. A nice concept.

  13. name

    compliments to designer, Mr. Puzzolente for his name…

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