Kaiun Soyo Air Conditioned Body Pillow

Kaiun Soyo Air Conditioned Body Pillow

Innovative cooling pillow from Japan features integrated fans that circulate air through its specially designed tubes.

Kaiun Soyo body pillow provides consistent cooling power, capable of moving approximately 3,000 liters of air per minute. Hug it to stay cool!

Tired of waking up sweaty? Cooling Body Pillow keeps you dry all night.

Air tubes and fans work together to push out heat and humidity, ensuring a cool and dry sleep environment.

The pillow weighs approximately 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) and is USB-compatible.

For added convenience, the unit automatically turns off after 6 hours.

Air Conditioned Bed Pillow

Staying cool and dry at night can help reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses, skin irritations, and sleep disruptions.

Kaiun Soyo Bed Air Conditioning Unit

Revolutionize your sleep with the Kaiun Soyo Bed Air Conditioning Unit.

Kaiun Soyo Bed

Cooling body pillow offers the added benefit of being huggable, providing both emotional and physical comfort, making it easier to relax and fall asleep.

Air Conditioned Body Pillow

Kaiun Soyo Air Conditioned Bed Pillow is a must have for anyone looking to stay comfortable and well-rested during the sweltering summer months.

Cooling Body Pillow

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