Light Phone with OLED Screen

The Light Phone

Simple phone with metal frame and custom matte OLED screen designed for happy life without distractions of modern digital culture.

The Light Phone III focuses on essential communication tools, providing reliable calling, texting, and a camera for capturing fun moments.

Beautiful OLED display retains the calm simplicity of a black-and-white interface, optimized for text and LightOS tools.

It has large buttons and a speaker grill for optimal acoustics. The wheel controls screen brightness and a flashlight.

Whether you are aiming for a digital detox, focusing on family time, or need a basic phone, the Light Phone III supports a better, simpler lifestyle.

Light Phone III

Customize your Light Phone III with tools like Alarm, Calculator, Notes, and more. Tailor it to your needs without unnecessary distractions.

Light Phone

Inspired by classic film cameras, the Light Phone III camera offers a dedicated two-step shutter button for perfect shots.

Minimal Phone

No social media, no infinite feeds: just pure, intentional use. The Light Phone keeps you focused on what truly matters.

The Light Phone

Need a flashlight in a pinch? The Light Phone III’s clickable wheel controls brightness and activates the flashlight with ease.

The Light Phone III

Unlike modern smartphones designed to keep you engaged with endless notifications, Light Phone encourages you to be present in your daily life.

Light Smartphone

Built to last, The Light Phone III features easily replaceable parts, such as the screen and battery.

OLED Light Phone

Less screen time and fewer digital distractions can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, promoting overall well-being.

Equipped with 5G, NFC, USB-C, and Bluetooth, ensuring modern connectivity without the need for frequent phone upgrades.

The Light Smartphone

The Light Phone III is a simple phone designed for intentional use, with a focus on essential tools and minimal distractions.

Minimalist Phone

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