Electric Monowheel Monocycle

Electric Monowheel Monocycle

Innovative monowheel that blends futuristic elements with visible mechanical components is powered by two electric motors.

Electric Monowheel designed by Make it Extreme features a large metallic wheel with a 145cm diameter, lined with a custom-made oversized tire.

Two powerful motors connected to a small go-kart wheel provide excellent traction and impressive speed.

Inspired by the combustion engine monowheel, this is the electric version.

Electric Monocycle

Creation process itself is a feat of engineering, showcasing Make it Extreme’s ability to innovate and adapt existing materials for new purposes.

Electric Monowheel with cutting-edge design and electrifying performance.

Electric Monowheel Cycle

Riding a monowheel is an extraordinary adventure, offering a sense of thrill and excitement that few other vehicles can match.

Make it Extreme Electric Monocycle

Electric Monowheel by Make it Extreme embodies the spirit of pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible in personal transportation.

Electric Monowheel by Make it Extreme

Powered by two synchronized motors and controlled by a sophisticated throttle system, it delivers a seamless and exhilarating ride.

Electric Monocycle by Make it Extreme

Despite its inherent risks, the Electric Monowheel Monocycle delivers an incredible and unforgettable riding experience.

Make it Extreme Electric Monowheel

Electric Monocycle honors the legacy of monowheels dating back to 1890 and paves the way for new advancements in this unique mode of transportation.

Electric Monowheel

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