Food Sweaters

Food Sweaters

Eye-catching sweaters designed to look like tasty snacks and delicious food.

Food sweaters were created by Polish company Mr. Gugu & Miss G.

Each sweater features high quality print of mouth-watering food.

Popcorn Sweater

Popcorn Sweater

Gummy Bears Sweater

Gummy Bears Sweater

Fruit Jelly Candy Sweater

Mr. Gugu and Miss Go Sweaters

Skittles Candy Sweater

Candy Sweater

Fries Sweater

Fries Sweater

Hamburger Sweater

Hamburger Sweater

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  1. Ru

    I love the gummy worms, but for some reason find the gummy bears really revolting. It’s amazing how textile print technology has come on in the last decade though, I remember when I was younger any clothes with printed designs on where really scratchy and stiff and now you can get so many cool designs in soft cotton and stretchy lycra.

  2. Michele

    Love the popcorn one but all of them are just fun!

  3. Gert

    The burger one made me hungry.

  4. reason

    These are great! I just ate the fries. They were delicious.

  5. Mark

    I’d like to see what the actual sweaters looked like. These images were all just PhotoShopped in. Notice each sweater is identical except for the food changes. Not hard to do. Wonder what the real ones look like.

  6. Ania

    Ha! Finally sth from my country ;)
    @Mark – you may see some on their website.

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