Sleeping Couples

Sleeping Couples

Long exposure photos by German photographer Paul Schneggenburger show the movements and positions of sleeping people.

The Sleep of the Beloved” project documents what happens to couples when they sleep. Do they spend the entire night in each others’ arms, or do they turn away from one another?

Amazing black and white images of nocturnal lovers’ dance.

The Sleep of the Beloved by Paul Schneggenburger

The Sleep of the Beloved

Photos of Sleeping People

Photos of Sleeping Couples

Paul Schneggenburger

Long Exposure Photos of Sleeping Couples

Sleep Movements

Long Exposure Photos

Sleeping Couples by Paul Schneggenburger

Photos by Paul Schneggenburger

Movements at Night

Sleeping People

Photos of Sleeping Couples by Paul Schneggenburger

Long Exposure Photos of Sleeping People

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  1. hayatu

    Oruku ruku …..very revealing.

  2. Joe

    Fantastic! I love long exposure shots like this. Really gets you thinking about space-time and determinism seeing an entire timeline compressed into a single instant. If you could stop at any single position on the timeline and go from there, would it be the same? Would there be an infinite number of possible timelines for every one of the infinite number of points on this one, and so on?

  3. Betty

    Very interesting! Spooky in a way that it is revealing. I couldn’t help but wonder what this would like like with a baby in the mix.

  4. inan

    There was a lot action in the one second from the bottom for sure!

  5. Karen

    kinda cool and kinda creepy.
    Also, why would they agree to having their sleeping patterns filmed?

  6. Iago

    I love the idea. Nice work!

  7. djyxgfuy

    I wish there was one couple whose picture was perfectly clear, they just laid still the whole night.

  8. Justin Wheeler

    I couldn’t love this more and have always wanted to do something like it.

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