Folding Boat

Folding Boat

Innovative boat designed to be folded for easy storage and transportation.

There are two versions of this cool foldable boat: One that folds completely flat, and another one that transforms into a small bag.

Foldboat was created by Arno Mathies and Max Frommeld.

Foldboat by Arno Mathies and Max Frommeld

Fold Boat

Flat Boat


Folding Rowing Boat

Foldable Boat

Flat-Pack Boat

Arno Mathies and Max Frommeld

Folding Boat by Arno Mathies and Max Frommeld

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Gift Ideas
  1. sean

    completely innovative! where do i get one?!

  2. TrisHitTheFan

    too bad they didn’t make the titanic out of this.

  3. Lol

    someone PLEASE make a folding car. i hate parking in the city.

  4. Blue

    Lol, if you were the motor of the folding car (as with this boat), i’m sure it could be easily done! :-)

  5. okosine

    This is a brilliant Boat!

  6. Art of Concept


  7. Betty

    Very sweet!

  8. koray

    inventive work.

  9. leith_patterson

    i’m sorry that i am not very optimistic but i can just imagine a really big ass fat one trying to sail on one at it unfolding and sinking :)

  10. Mel

    !!!! No way !!!

  11. bryant

    I want to see a video of it folding!

  12. ady raynes

    Nice for outing! Brilliant idea.

  13. Sharyn

    I love it! I love to see it folding up too. I know what I’m like with maps, so I’d like to see if it was a bit easier to fold up again :)

  14. Sammy

    telescoping oars anyone?

  15. Simonking

    Where can get this Gadget ? malaysia can get ?

  16. Nicole Schulz

    How can I get it?

  17. Nick

    I wonder if it’d serve as a decent life raft?

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