House on Wheels

House on Wheels

Beautiful 125 square foot house designed by Ann Holley and Darren Macca.

ProtoHaus was made out of wood and recycled materials. It has modern kitchen, tiny bathroom, and small bedroom with comfortable bed.

Mobile house is powered by solar energy. This means that you can live completely off the grid.


ProtoHaus Interior

ProtoHaus Kitchen

Kitchen on Wheels

Toilet on Wheels

Mobile House

Home on Wheels

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  1. Douglas

    A trailer made to look like a quaint little house. Some innovative design elements make it pretty cool. Not bad if your into this kind of thing.

  2. Lol

    But if you hit a speed bump… there goes all your dishes

  3. AdrianLee

    A caravan with a nice skin.

  4. Tom

    I can see why people think regular caravans are ugly, but they are designed with aerodynamics in mind. This is probably the least aerodynamic thing you could tow behind a car, going to seriously effect fuel economy at high speeds.

  5. Cj

    I’d like to see them stay in that house with several kids in tow.

  6. derek

    I’d take one in a heart beat. How awesome would it be to live off the grid for a while?

  7. corey

    Technically you wouldn’t be living off-grid, as you’d need gas to put in the car to move the house.

  8. jeff

    wow the amount of times she mentions protahaus, i’d be drunk.. but really i was wondering how would you get up stairs to the bedroom, she doesn’t explain that ..

  9. Sharyn

    It looks to me like it’s not designed for use like a caravan, but rather as something that should stay in roughly the same place the majority of the time. Those solar panels are pretty much installed, and you wouldn’t be packing them up and dragging them around for a weekend trip.

    I’m interested in how you’d get up into the bedroom too, I assume there’s a ladder tucked away somewhere that hooks into the bar at the front of the loft. I just can’t see where it would be stored.

  10. Ru

    The only trouble is getting the energy to get out of bed

  11. Andrew

    Is her Dodge Ram green as well? Why aren’t the solar panels on the roof? Maybe I can park this in my trailer park and be a proto-house elitist with my hipster glasses and pretentious attitude…

  12. jahda

    i wanna buy one


    Hello, Do yu have project of this nice house? How much did it cost this nice toy house. Loved. Would yu like to bring it to Brasil and travel around some places? I am owner of a nice little farm with the best of waterfall. My skype is LUIZ MORIS. Thanks and goods from Brasil.

  14. Michele

    I don’t understand why in such a small place you would have a double basin sink in the kitchen. Not the best use of space there.

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