Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard Playhouse

Folding playhouse created out of recycled cardboard by talented industrial designer Liya Mairson.

Inspired by pop-up books, “My Space” was designed for small apartments which lack the space for a dedicated play room.

When opened, it encourages children to experiment with different layouts and lets them bring to life their dreams and imaginary worlds.

When closed, it can be easily stored behind a door or under a bed.

My Space by Liya Mairson

My Space

Folding Playhouse

Pop Up Playhouse

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    This is awesome! It’s fun, made of recycled cardboard, it saves space and it encourages creativity! Kids should be playing more with physical toys instead of spending so much time playing computer and video games. As much as computer and video games can teach them math, vocabulary, etc, it just not the same as playing tea party with stuffed animals and building things with Legos. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple and I think this playhouse does just that!

  2. Dominic

    Doesn’t look that fun to me!

  3. abi

    WOW! this is great! Lilia is right, this type of play is where creativity is developed most. I remember playing with my friends for hours in all kinds of things that can be made up in to alternative spaces. We would make up endless stories, places, scenarios and characters. good times…

  4. MasterOche

    Awesome fo young creative minds!!!!

  5. kyle

    What a POS – build a fort out of chairs and blankets that you already have….that builds creativity – what a waste of resources

  6. ziggy

    It’s not a waste, if kids have fun! Negative comments reflect a wasted childhood;) I had a miniature cardboard haunted house when I was young and made lots of fond memories playing with it. As a matter of fact I built many forts and every single experience was a blast no matter what it was made out of…

  7. Ali

    I thought of this invention a couple years ago. Unfortunately we never got a patent! It is by all means a great idea and whoever invented it, i wish lots of success to them. Kids will love this!

  8. Douglas

    @Kyle – right on bro’.

  9. MMM

    This is just wonderful! I can see kids having so much fun playing make believe with it. I wonder if they could color it or is the cardboard sealed?

  10. Mark

    It’s cardboard. For children. Durability? None.

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