Improbable Product Designs

Improbable Product Designs

Useless objects and inventions created to make human life more exciting.

Improbable products designed by Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso.

Dual Beer Mug

Useless Product Design

Flexible Utensils

Improbable Product Design

Eye Glass

Useless Objects

440v Power Plug

Giuseppe Colarusso Useless Objects

Electric Hammer

Useless Inventions

Water Bottle

Giuseppe Colarusso

Cardboard Safe

Giuseppe Colarusso Improbable Objects

Coffin Pills

Useless Design

Speedometer Watch

Useless Product Designs

Cigarette Straw

Improbable Designs

Power Cord

Giuseppe Colarusso Useless Product Designs

Giant Pasta

Improbable Inventions


Improbable Object

Ice Candle

Useless Designs

Razor Door Handle

Improbable Invention

32 Digit Briefcase Lock

Improbable Design

Ping Pong Paddle

Improbable Objects

Confidence Game

Giuseppe Colarusso Improbable Inventions

Umbrella Umbrella

Giuseppe Colarusso Improbable Designs

Transparent Saw

Giuseppe Colarusso Improbable Product Designs

Multi-Color Spay Can

Giuseppe Colarusso Useless Inventions

Square Rolling Pin

Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso

Inception Drawers

Giuseppe Colarusso Useless Designs

Zipper Door

Useless Object

Canned Coffee

Useless Invention

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  1. Mapache

    Uh.. it’s not a transparent saw, you guys. It’s made out of wood. A transparent saw could potentially be useful.

  2. Noni


  3. POM

    Reminiscent of Claus Oldenberg

  4. Gert

    Sunglasses for Leela?

  5. Adam

    More and more please… it was smiling to scroll down!

  6. Swiper Fox

    Giant pasta is alright. Just put some spaghetti sauce, grated cheese, and meatballs.

    32 digit briefcase lock is ideal if you don’t want anybody to immediately see your secret/s.

    Canned coffee is ok. Just open it after heating.

    A good umbrella should have two colors.
    Exterior: should be white or silver, to reflect sunlight and heat.
    Interior: should be black, to reduce glare

  7. Lorraine Chen

    It would be so awesome to have multi-color spray paint!
    Canned coffee actually exists, so not improbable.

  8. James Adams

    The see through saw could be useful

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