Abandoned Houses in the Desert

Abandoned Houses in the Desert

Breathtaking series of photos by Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes features sand covered interiors of the abandoned houses in the Namib desert. Enjoy!

Abandoned House in the Desert

Abandoned House

Building in the Desert

Indoor Desert


Desert Building

Desert House

Namib Desert

House in the Desert

Abandoned Building

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  1. víqui

    this is great.

  2. Bob

    gorgeous. I’d live there.

  3. MG

    lol u’d live there?…

  4. Sara

    Woah! I wonder what the outside looked like..

  5. jess

    possibly the coolest photos of the coolest subject I have ever seen. stunning and eerily beautiful

  6. Debbie

    Tragic! What if this were YOUR home?

    What’s wrong with you people?

  7. unDave™

    If that were my home, i wouldn’t let all that sand inside, dah!

  8. Sherise

    Tragic? They left obviously. What’s the problem?

    It would be more tragic if they remained there as dust and grit got into everything–to the extent of affecting their health such as their food or respiration.

    The constant war of man versus nature.

    Eerily beautiful is right.

  9. James Anzalone

    @Debbie hmm haha..

    I really like this series, I think Jess said it well.. There is something eerie and beautiful about them.

  10. k

    This is so creepy ;~;

  11. woops

    Patrick Star called. He wants his furniture back.

  12. Jantra

    Wow, these look so cool.

  13. Sidragasum

    Just shows that nature takes everything back once humans are out of the picture.

  14. Lushe

    That is going to be a bitch to clean

  15. Art of Concept

    Awesome! Very beautiful! Great photos!

  16. Chad

    Home . . . a baron wasteland for some.

  17. Nikita Hengbok

    Agreed with Sidragasum.

  18. Aertryn

    Patrick Star knows how to use a phone?

  19. Stan

    A Hoover nightmare !

  20. Kirvi_Inci


  21. cindy

    Agree so eerie it is beautiful, something mysterically sensual about the shots.

  22. Toasty O's

    My house looks like this after my 2 year old gets back from the beach.

  23. mosswoman

    The sandman has been busy….!

  24. Daniel

    sands of time!

  25. G Loaf

    OMG its so pretty

  26. derschreckliche

    Seems to be so unreal – like a painting or so.
    Really impressive!

  27. Kevin

    Gold mine for photoshoots

  28. Yngve Thoresen

    “My house looks like this after my 2 year old gets back from the beach.”
    Ha, that was my first thought too.
    Excellent pictures, that really shows how important location can be.

  29. PauL B


  30. Andrew

    It looks more like the scene was created for this photoshoot. There’s no way that it happened naturally!

  31. LoyalV

    It’s like a mansion for the world’s richest cat.

  32. timmay

    patrick has a phone?

  33. X3msnake

    That’s The Extreme of having a beach on the house!

  34. Raman

    wow! But I wonder how they’ll look like during night time? ghost-land! great stills though!

  35. Julie

    That’s amazing!! Especially the picture of the two doors. I wouldn’t want to live there but it would definitely be interesting to go there and slide through all that sand. Haha.

  36. chicanefromart

    that’s good quality work of art

  37. Bobbob

    Where is the beach…..I brought my shovel to make a sand castle

  38. Ankoku Flare

    Whoa, that putting my house is a desert in literal terms!

  39. Birdaz

    I don’t get it. How does it get that way?

  40. Tjalling

  41. Kallamitty

    this is fantastic. Great play on light

  42. Raads

    @ Birdaz if you didnt go on the link,, obvious answer….. Sandstorm! duurrhh!

  43. Astrid Claessen

    The houses are in Namibia and this is what they look like from the outside


  44. Carol

    just look at the photographs… they are amazing! Ancient and spiritual and beautiful!

  45. Kentus

    Clean House, anyone?

  46. Griffin

    beautiful and creepy. very cool combination

  47. Toad

    I wonder if you picked up the house would it leave a giant sand castle?

  48. rich

    Real cool houses we have in Namibia.

  49. Noah Goyette

    I love seeing nature take back over places where we don’t belong, and although that is true, I don’t relish the idea of anyone losing or having to leave their home for any reason. But the result is fascinating, if only momentarily.

  50. Paul Deane

    These people don’t own a broom?!

  51. Matt Sloanim

    Really fantastic. The photographs are great, but honestly the originality of the idea itself is amazing. Inspiring stuff.

  52. Nebb

    This is a fantastic place for photographing! I also stumbled over this deserted place some years ago. Kolmanskop is the name of the Town, and the inhabitants were diamant diggers. It was abandoned around 1950 due to a national prohibition against diamant digging.
    Thanks for nice pictures!

  53. annag16

    great images! talk about reclaimed/recycled/transient art!

  54. Falcy

    so creepy, sad and beautiful at the same time

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